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  • Public Discussion on Corruption
    by Mr Malcom Roger 1 1 1
    Just Wondering When Nigerian(African) Government Politicians Will have this mindset
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Peter Obi Wins Big! Others contemplating withdrawing from the Presidential race.
    by Mike Obiohanna 1 1 1
    It is becoming obvious, who is going to clinch presidential seat. Peter Obi gainers more support from other fellow contestants, past Presidents, chiefs, emirs, clerics all over the nation. The youth are determined to change the political landscape of Nigeria. Their weekly million man march has spread through the length and breath of the nation. As the official rallies kick off on 28th September, all political parties are getting set to get the support of the electorates. In this broadcast, Dr. Haruna is calling on people to discern the obvious handwriting on the wall and join the Obidient Movement.
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  • Queen Elizabeth 11 From Childhood till her death 8/9/2022
    by Mr Malcom Roger 1 1 1
    QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 HAS DIED ON 8TH /9/2022. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
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  • Nigeria Video to Listen
    by Mike Obiohanna 1 1 1
    Nigerian Video concerning 2023 Presidential Election, to be more wise on whom to hire to be your Nigerian President
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