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  • Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down
    by UAnnounceit Team 1 1 1
    Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down
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  • saleforce done.mp4
    by Harshita Verma 1 1 1
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  • The Month of October
    by Marcel Obioha 1 1 1
    This is the month of October (2023) which is always the month of my most beautiful wife's birthday.Oyibom!
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  • Presidential Election in Nigeria
    by Wille Okon 1 1 1
    The worst presidential election in Nigeria history is 2023
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  • Damaged Cars at Nigerian Embassay London UK
    by wille Bennett 1 1 1
    Many Cars damaged @ Nigerian Embassay in London UK by a citizen who got frustrated and took Laws inti his hands when the officials refused his passport renewal . Dan bura oba shege
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