• The Role of Buyers Buying products

  • (A)Checking out

    Clicking on Check Out, it links to the page below and requires inputting billing information.

    Choosing ‘No, Ship to different address’, you need to input Shipping Information when clicking ‘Continue’

    Choosing ‘Yes, Ship to this address’, your information is kept on Shipping Information page.

    Choosing Payment Method

    Clicking ‘Continue’ on Shipping Information page, it allows choosing payment method. This UAnnounceit site supports Pay with  Paypal or Stripe or Bank accounts

    When checking out items in cart, it links to  Paypal or Stripe or Bank accounts. After finishing transaction with either of the three payment gate away, it backs to the site and all items which have been checked out are moved to My Orders. It is easy for buyers to manage their orders.

    (B). Managing Orders

    Searching orders by Order ID.

    Viewing order details