• Sellers role in Managing Stores

  • Sellers Role in  managing their stores.

    (A). Managing Store

    Showing/hiding Store

    Click ‘Show/Hide Store’ links to Show/Hide Store.

    Viewing Store Information and Statistics

    Editing Store

    You can change all information of the store.

    Editing photos

    You can add any numbers of photos to the slideshow but just six of them will be shown. One is the main photo and the five left are the ones you've checked on checkbox 'Set Slideshow'.

    Viewing Store Statistic

    Available products are products which have been approved.

    (B) Posting New Products

    SKU refers to a Stock-keeping unit, is  a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business.

    (C) Managing My Products

    Items on Edit Product page are the same with Post Product page.

    Editing product photos is the same with editing store photos.

    When deleting a product, a confirmation form is shown. Click Delete to delete the product or Cancel to cancel deleting.

    (D). Managing Sold products

    Searching by: Order ID/Product Title/Buyer.

    Viewing product detail page by clicking on name of product.

    Viewing buyer profile by clicking on name of buyer.

    Viewing shipping info by clicking on ‘view info’ link, shipping info will be shown with information below.

    Clicking on Delivery is to note that the product was delivered.

    (E). Managing My Account

    Adding Paypal account

    Editing Account. Items on this form are the same with the form above.

    Requesting money

    Clicking on Request Money, it shows the form below and requires inputting amount to request.

    (F) Viewing Product Statistic

    Click ‘transaction history’ link to show transaction information of an item.