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Lily Allen reveals break-up with rapper boyfriend Meridian Dan

admin 28 January 4

Lily Allen has revealed she has split up with rapper Meridian Dan after a three-year relationship.

The 33-year-old singer spoke about the break-up with author and journalist Elizabeth Day for the How To Fail podcast, saying it is the first time she has been single since she was a teenager.

Allen told Day the pair split up in December.

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"I'm single, for the first time since I was about 15," she said. "We've been broken up for about three weeks.

"It's just been bad news after bad news after bad news and I think the fact that I haven't called him and been like, 'Hey, wanna come around for a cuddle?' means that it's big for me, because ordinarily, when things get difficult, I do need to have somebody around to share those problems."

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Allen, who has two children with ex-husband Sam Cooper, said that "the fact that I'm dealing with it all on my own" means she feels "I'm growing up".

Day posted about the interview on her Instagram page, describing Allen as "unflinchingly honest about everything from failing at fame to failing at money, self-belief and families".

She also said Allen had revealed she might like to go into politics, quoting the singer as saying: "Imagine if Kanye was president and I was prime minister! It would be lit."

Kanye West has been criticised for his support of Donald Trump in the past, and last year said he would be distancing himself from politics.

Meridian Dan is a London-born grime artist best known for his 2016 hit German Whip.

On 2 January, he wrote a New Year's message on Instagram which said that 2018 "wasn't my best one".

He added: "New friends, business partners and collaborators; Nice of you to join the team - Organic Always. Old and long standing ones... Still got love for ya and thanks for riding with me even though I'm a difficult dude to work out sometimes. To everyone else. I wish you all the best in 2019."