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  • Posted by: Super Admin
  • Updated: July 8, 2020
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I want to share my posts with only selected people of my choice. How can I do so? Is there any privacy for my update posts?

With our robust privacy controls, you can easily choose to share your update posts with selected people of your choice. While making a post, you can select the desired audience for your post from the post privacy options available in the bottom right corner of the status box. This privacy will also work while sharing any content from status update box like photos, videos, music and links.
You can choose general privacy options like: Everyone, Friends & Networks, Friends Only, Only Me, OR you can also choose to share your updates/medias with your Friend Lists (like Family, Co-workers, etc). If you would like to share your update with multiple friend lists, then you can select those friend lists by clicking on the “Custom” option in the privacy dropdown.
Whenever you choose a privacy option for your status update posts, then that preference will be saved, such that when you do a status update next time, your previous privacy option comes pre-selected, which you can change if you wish. This retaining of privacy assures that your update will not be accidentally shared with unintended people.