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  • Updated: July 8, 2020
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Where can I see the suggestions made to me by my friends?

Whenever a suggestion is made to you by a friend, you will receive an update notification for it. You can see your update notifications by clicking on the bright button / link for them in the header of your site. To see all the suggestions made to you, click on the “View All Updates” link at the bottom of the “Updates” dropdown. From here, you will be able to take action on the suggestions, or ignore them. You can also see the suggestions made to you from your homepage. In the “Requests” block in the right side of your home page, you will see links for the various suggestion types. Clicking on them will lead you to the listing of your notification updates. Depending on the setting chosen by our site administrators, you will also receive an email notification for each suggestion made to you by a friend.