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How It Works

Creating Contests

Creating contests with us is very easy. Follow 3 steps to get started and challenge your audience to participate in your contest.

  • Select Category & Media Type (Photo, Video, Music or Text)
  • Choose the Dates & Rules
  • Fill Contest Basic Details
  • Your Contest is ready to be Shared with the World!

Participating in Contests

Submit your photos, videos, music and text to various Contests, share with your friends, family and with people on our community to receive feedback and Win exciting prizes.

  • Click on Join Now button
  • Submit your entry to Participate
  • Share your entry and get maximum votes
  • Win contests.

Following Contests

Follow your favorite Contests and Get all updates of the contests you followed.

Voting and Sharing

  • Use your voting power to Vote on deserving entries and make them win the contests.
  • Share entries inside or outside this community on other social networking sites to gather more and more votes.


Users and members on our community will use their voting power to vote the submitted entries and maximum votes will determine the Winner.


When the winners are decided they will be announced here on the site. All participants will be notified when winners are announced. Winners will also receive congratulations message and email from the Contest Owners.

Latest Entries

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