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  • December 20 2022

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      Rag Bone's asymmetric denim midi skirt contrasts the printed patchwork perfectly. The Jenners have also done vintage Dolce their own way. It's so important for me. "I didn't really have a lot of skiers to watch growing up skiing wasn't really on tv," Vonn says, "meeting her was such a game changer...

  • December 19 2022

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      If there's one fall skirt in your wardrobe already, it's likely a satin or silk midi. Although it has a bit of shine, the minimal style is powerfully versatile and considered more of a closet staple than a trend. Options from Ganni, The Row, and H M also get the model's seal of approval. The lug s...

  • December 18 2022

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      Copenhagen Fashion Week is usually the first international city in the circuit to showcase collections each year, giving a hint of what's to come for the season. Additionally, the Danish capital is known for its impeccable street style. Within the grounds of the Harbour Point were performances fro...