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  • November 19 2022

    7 minutes, 34 seconds
    Abu Dhabi
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    Winter is everyone's favourite. However, it requires certain preparation to deal with the offering of cold weather. When it comes to a car, it needs to address some of the challenges in the battle against the cold. Keeping a vehicle up is a challenge in the winter. You cannot forget those mornings ...

  • November 4 2022

    7 minutes, 43 seconds
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    A car is nothing without an engine, and an engine is nothing without a cooling system. An automobile cooling system always proves to be one of the most important features on a vehicle. How does a heat generating machine survive if there is no cooling available? A complex mechanism of the cooling sy...

  • October 31 2022

    7 minutes, 32 seconds
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    On one normal morning, you rush to your vehicle with those quick steps while battling against the clock. But, eventually, once you turn your car keys, just the sound of a dreaded click appears under the hood.   Of course! You have a dead car battery. You can deal with such a situation as Jump Start...