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  • March 6 2023

    7 minutes, 35 seconds
    Abu Dhabi
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    You will be amazed at the fact that a car might go overheated in the winter too. But, how is it possible despite the freezing cold outside? An overheated car is a reality when it does not have an intact cooling system. Look at these points to understand the reasons behind an overheated car. What ma...

  • January 17 2023

    7 minutes, 17 seconds
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    Spark plugs have an important role to play in running your car’s engine. Internal combustion specifically depends on the compression and ignition of fuel. However, compression is done by the pistons, while ignition is the duty of spark plugs. They offer the necessary spark to the air and fuel mixtu...

  • January 2 2023

    7 minutes, 8 seconds
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    Car owners often talk about keeping their vehicles intact. But there is one aspect that always remains hidden under the hood: the car’s engine. Despite being the most important part of a car, most people do not gravitate towards the engine bay cleaning, owing to the complexity of the system and the ...

  • November 28 2022

    7 minutes, 33 seconds
    Abu Dhabi
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    Winter is everyone's favourite. However, it requires certain preparation to deal with the offering of cold weather. When it comes to a car, it needs to address some of the challenges in the battle against the cold. Keeping a vehicle up is a challenge in the winter. You cannot forget those mornings ...

  • November 14 2022

    7 minutes, 45 seconds
    Po Box 22674
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    A car’s engine does not stay intact forever. There will be a time when it says no. But, question is here that is it possible to revive an engine? Can an engine live up to the expectation again? Of course! One such procedure to revive a car's engine is an engine overhaul. Essentially, an engine over...

  • November 4 2022

    7 minutes, 43 seconds
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    A car is nothing without an engine, and an engine is nothing without a cooling system. An automobile cooling system always proves to be one of the most important features on a vehicle. How does a heat generating machine survive if there is no cooling available? A complex mechanism of the cooling sy...

  • October 31 2022

    7 minutes, 32 seconds
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    On one normal morning, you rush to your vehicle with those quick steps while battling against the clock. But, eventually, once you turn your car keys, just the sound of a dreaded click appears under the hood.   Of course! You have a dead car battery. You can deal with such a situation as Jump Start...