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  • Mar 28 2022

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    Why GPS fuel monitoring is needed? Fuel is a kind of nonrenewable material that the more we use now the less we have in future. Therefore, the world has been promoting wind, water, and nuclear energy. Electric motor vehicle has now become a trend to replace gas vehicles. However, manage fuel consump...

  • Mar 28 2022

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    What is UniGuard fuel monitoring system? Uniguard vehicle fuel tracking system is composed of GPS fuel tracking device UM777, fuel monitoring level sensor and GPS tracking software. GPS fuel tracker UM777 UM777 is an advanced GPS tracking device. It is IP67 waterproof with one RS232/485 port. It can...

  • Mar 28 2022

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    Application of GPS fuel monitoring system shall enable the fleet management company has a better view of vehicle fuel costs consumed by the fleet, avoid fuel thefts, and reduce fuel costs. Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all line operating costs. Having an accurate energy monitoring and con...