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  • October 27 2021

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    In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are usually two different ways to change the visual appearance of a character. The first method is through clothes and armor, which is done through Outfit Tabs. The second method is through the Appearance Designer in the game. It mainly introduced here the secon...

  • October 26 2021

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    For many SWTOR players, they will want enough SWTOR Credits to show off their skills in the game. Because players can use SWTOR Credits to do a lot of things, it allows players to get some useful items, but also allows players to improve their skills and so on. For some players who want to stand out...

  • October 25 2021

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    SWTOR Credits are the most important currency in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players can use them to purchase any items in the game according to their preferences. For some experienced players, they may have a strong demand for SWTOR Credits. Because this will enhance their strength, and can make t...

  • October 22 2021

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    In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players need a lot of XP to upgrade quickly. But for some novice players, they may not know how to get XP to increase the level of the character. Many players choose to buy SWTOR Credits to improve themselves and complete tasks to advance the storyline. But there are ...

  • October 21 2021

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    This year is an important year for Star Wars: The Old Republic Credits (SWTOR), because MMORPG is preparing to start a year-long celebration in December this year to celebrate its tenth anniversary. In a long-running game like SWTOR, it's strenuous to catch up with the latest chapters, especially fo...

  • October 20 2021

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    BioWare recently launched the Seasonal Feast of Prosperity Event and added a new set of armor and some decorations to this year's version. The Feast of Prosperity Event has now returned to Star Wars The Old Republic. This is a seasonal event that occurs for a few weeks around mid-fall (usually mid-O...

  • October 19 2021

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    SWTOR Credits refers to the game currency that players can use to consume in SWTOR, which plays an important role. Every SWTOR player needs some SWTOR Credits to help them become stronger. However, it may be a challenge to truly master its SWTOR Credits economy. This guide will introduce 3 ways play...

  • October 18 2021

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    SWTOR 7.0 Sorcerer has brought a lot of changes, and many players want to know what changes this will bring to their characters. Some players even prepared enough SWTOR Credits in order to hit the highest damage in the battle. Here are some changes it brings, and interested players can learn about i...

  • October 15 2021

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    The latest SWTOR PTS update 7.0 brings more changes to the Sorcerer class. Many players are very excited about this. Everyone wants to know what changes their class will bring. Players all want to see their class become more powerful, but more players will want to prepare enough SWTOR Credits for th...

  • October 14 2021

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    For Star Wars: The Old Republic, with the upcoming expansion "Legacy of the Sith", all professions will undergo major changes. And the official celebration of the upcoming anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic has begun. Also includes: many new game content, events, updates, etc. The next impor...